Cape Wickham Links
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Darius Oliver is an Australian golf course designer best known as the Author and Publisher of the Planet Golf series of books, and as the co-designer of the Cape Wickham Links on King Island in Tasmania. Prior to designing Cape Wickham, Oliver spent many years travelling the globe and studying the world's leading 2,000 golf courses. He moved from publishing into design during that Cape Wickham project, and was responsible for many of the icon holes built on King Island.

Cape Wickham is the highest ranked golf course to have been primarily designed by an Australian.

After the completion of Cape Wickham, Oliver designed the wonderful new par three course at The Hills Golf Club in New Zealand. He is currently working on a spectacular clifftop golf course on Kangaroo Island, among other projects. When complete, The Cliffs on Kangaroo Island should rival Wickham and be regarded as one of Australia's premier golf courses.

Beyond his design expertise, Oliver also provides independent consultancy services to golf clubs and development clients to help them establish overall design and project goals and, if necessary, an appropriate short-list of candidate golf architects. He is the current golf course design consultant at 13th Beach Golf Links, The Dunes Golf Links and Mornington Golf Club.

With unsurpassed expertise in the area of golf course design, and direct knowledge of the world’s best/worst examples of golf architecture, Oliver is uniquely placed to be able to offer valuable and insightful advice.

Contact Darius Oliver through Planet Golf.

Cape Wickham Developer Duncan Andrews:

Golf Digest USA ranked Cape Wickham, when it opened in 2016, at number 24 in the World. Darius was largely responsible for this amazing accolade. Cape Wickham is now ranked the number 2 course in Australia by every serious golf course commentator. Darius is also the current course design consultant at The Dunes Golf Links and at Thirteenth Beach. That is because I think he is simply first class.

Yes, his language and manner remain reserved and moderate, but under the calm exterior there is a magnificent golf brain and I am lucky to be able to benefit from it.