Planet Golf was established by respected golf commentator and golf course design consultant Darius Oliver, who spent several years traveling to more than 1,500 of the world’s premier golf courses for his Planet Golf series of books. Oliver not only wrote the Planet Golf books, he published Planet Golf USA and Planet Golf Modern Masterpieces.

The Planet Golf publishing business forms part of the Global Golf Group, founded as an independent, centralized golf consultancy business. The stated aim of the Global Golf Group is to "Raise Golfing Standards Across the Globe". Our network of experts is able to provide world-class consultancy services and help any golf club or golf course developer elevate the quality of its facility.

More and more, commentators like Darius Oliver are cautious of signature golf courses and unlikely to travel to see new ones nor promote them via established media channels. Golf clubs and developers need to recognize, that their target customers are more discerning and their marketplace flooded with big name ‘signature’ golf course competitors that disappoint.

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