Tom Doak's famous directory of international golf course has been revised and will be available for sale to Australian golfers via Planet Golf.

This all-new edition of The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses will be published in five volumes, which will cover more than 2,500 of the world’s best courses. Volume 1 is available now and features Great Britain & Ireland.

Volume 1 - Great Britain and Ireland 
Volume 2 - The Americas (winter destinations) 
Volume 3 - The Americas (summer destinations) 
Volume 4 - Europe, Middle East and Africa
Volume 5 - Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Reviews are written by world class architect Tom Doak based on his own personal observations plus the input of his three co-authors, Ran Morrissett, Masa Nishijima, and Planet Golf's Darius Oliver. Each course is graded on a 0-10 scale by each author who has seen it.

These reviews will provide honest and unvarnished views from the authors that will help you plan your golf vacations, business side trips and golf adventures.

The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses is the most collected and most referenced golf book in the modern era.

The Confidential Guide also includes:

  • “Gourmet’s Choice,” a selection of eighteen courses the authors would take a friend to play.
  • The Gazetteer, containing authoritative lists of the prettiest, hardest, best and wildest holes in the world.
  • Diverse subjects as the Best Set of Par 3’s, Best Lunch, and Best Courses to Take Your Dog to Play.
  • Over 100 photographs that attest to the reviews of courses, each beckoning golfers to go and try their luck.

Volume 1: Great Britain & Ireland has SOLD OUT in Australia.


Of all the books in my golf library, it is by far the most fun to read. Also the most informative.

Brian McCallen, travel editor

One of the ballsiest books ever written.

Brad Faxon, PGA Tour