New South Wales Golf Club

Port Macquarie Golf Club

Australia, NSW, NSW North Coast
4.8 (4)
Course Opened: 1967

The Port Macquarie Golf Club was first formed in the early years of the century, although information is not available as to the exact date of formation. Old citizens have recollections of the game being played in 1906, but first printed references to be found are in 1911.

The course first played followed the foreshores from the Munster Street end of the camping reserve to the site of the cottages now situated east of Pacific Drive above the cliffs, thence westward to near Owen Street and then northward to Burrawan Street in the south-western corner of the portion of Oxley Park now occupied by the High School.

Gradually over the years it became almost entirely contained in Oxley Park. This area, with more people playing, and with crossed fairways, became dangerous to players and public, and in 1948 a search was begun to find a more suitable area. Finally, Mr. J. Scott, course architect, responsible for the design of Elanora, was commissioned to choose from the sites offering and to submit a plan. He chose the present site and work began in 1951.

In July 1953, the Club moved to the new course but because of the necessity to maintain the old course for play, very little progress had been made on the new area. Members, however, elected to play under rugged conditions for a time in order that reasonable progress could be made.

Play was first over six holes, progressing fairly quickly to eleven holes. At this point course extensions were delayed for a few years because of the need for a more suitable clubhouse. That having been achieved, the southern extension was next brought into play. Work was finally completed to a sufficient degree to bring the full 18 holes into play in April 1967, and the official opening was pronounced in February 1968, by president of the New South Wales Golf Association, Mr Les Graham.

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