Fairmont Jasper Park

Elm Ridge Country Club - South Course

Canada, Quebec, Montreal
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Designer: Robbie Robinson
Course Opened: 1960

From the club website:

Elm Ridge Country Club was established in 1924 in Dorval and is one of the oldest Clubs in North America.  Unsure whether “golf” would be enough of an enticement to join, the founders chose the name “Elm Ridge Country Club”. “Country Club” had the proper sound to it, implying soignée evenings in a rarefied setting.  The “golf” part would be an attraction in the future, mused the founding fathers.  The Club’s name was likely inspired by the double row of stately elm trees that framed the short drive in from St. Joseph Boulevard (now Lakeshore Road) in Dorval; or possibly from the common name of the farm where the course was to be located.  The founders could not have anticipated how quickly the appeal of Club membership would be surpassed by interest in the game itself.  By the end of its first season in 1925, the Club had 221 members.  It became apparent that the course would have to expand from its initial 9-holes to a full 18 in short order.  The back nine was completed by the summer of 1927.

Our current facilities were built in 1960 and consist of two 18-hole Championship courses on Ile Bizard. We can still see the stone walls  used to separate the seigneury properties which now defines our fairways. It is inspiring to see how, throughout the years, our members have distinguished themselves on the golf course, in golfing circles and in the Montreal community at large. We are proud to say that we continue to assume a leadership role and to set a standard of excellence, which others will hopefully embrace.

Elm Ridge members continue their long tradition of giving back to the community by offering their facilities to the Golf Quebec, the Golf Canada (RCGA) and to numerous groups devoted to charitable causes. We are proud of our golf club and honoured at the standing within the golfing community we have attained and we try to continue to improve our facilities and be environmentally friendly.


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