Los Leones Golf Club

Chile, Santiago
Course Opened: 1937

Los Leones is a storied Santiago golf club situated within an affluent, central suburb of the city. The golf course has history, but the modern layout unfortunately displays a disturbing mix of styles with the hand of several ‘architects’ all too obviously imposed upon what is essentially a dull and listless landscape.

Of the original features that remain, the highlights include a few decent green sites and some well-shaped British looking pit bunkers. Sadly these are completely at odds with the newer traps, which are ugly, shallow and often misplaced. Some bunkers flank fairways and seem to remove options by forcing a lay-back, while others are poorly set on the outside of visually disappointing doglegs.

The one section of this course that gets mildly interesting is when you climb a small hill around the 10th, 11th and 14th holes, which use the incline to reasonable effect. The 14th is the pick of these holes, a par three played up a shelf to a nice green. The short 3rd hole is also reasonable, and the remaining par threes are inoffensive. The rest, sadly, is rather uninspired and, at times, both overly narrow and, except for a few original greens, badly shaped.


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