The Scandinavian Golf Club

Kobenhavns Golf Klub - Copenhagen Golf Club

Denmark, Copenhagen
6 (3)
Designer: unknown
Course Opened: 1928

Kobenhaven (or Copenhagen) Golf Klub is the oldest in Scandinavia having been first established prior to 1900. It moved to its current home in 1928, the club's golf course set beautifully within the grounds of an old castle and across an open plain where wild deer roam freely. The layout weaves its way through hundreds of acres of nicely rolling ground, the fairways, tees and greens cut as required but the rest of the landscape untouched by the golf club and covered in tall, glorious waving fescue grasses which present a savage hazard to crooked golfers.

Totally exposed and at times incredibly windy, the scale of the property and the impressive routing of holes across the angled ground makes this a fascinating and quite charming course to visit. The design of the holes is solid and attacking undulating golf ground while hundreds of Roe Deer watch on is an experience to savour.


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