Les Bordes Golf Club

Le Kempferhof Golf Hotel & Academy

France, East France
5.4 (5)
Course Opened: 1989

Situated close to the German border, Le Kempferhof Golf was created by Robert von Hagge and partners in 1989 and represents an attempt at serious golf architecture in this part of France. With impressive grooming, peaceful surrounds and acres of natural wetlands this is pleasant golf territory although the golf holes themselves do seem excessively difficult. The greens are good and the rugged bunkering style works well, but driving is hazardous with slicers given little chance to hit fairways on holes like the 2nd and 4th because of overhanging branches and hookers the same on the 8th, each time water or worse lurks to capture the over-ambitious.

Unfortunately some of the better green sites here are wasted, the 1st and 13th greens are connected and built between large sand hazards, yet both targets are best approached from the other side of the hole. The other double green, the 9th and 18th, is again a nice setting but the drive down the 18th is all wrong as you actually want to play toward the 9th. Generally speaking, however, the green sites are good, the targets slightly raised, smallish in size and protected by really effective bunkering. Some of the entrance areas are a little narrow and driving, as mentioned, is often cramped and uncomfortable but this is attractive golf, the course well maintained and certain to have many European fans.


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