Noordwijkse Golf Club

Golfclub De Hoge Kleij

Netherlands, Utrecht
Designer: Frank Pennink
Course Opened: 1986

The first plans for the construction of golf club De Hoge Kleij date from 1979. A number of members of the Utrecht Golf Club 'De Pan' founded the Golf Foundation in Leusden with the aim of realizing a golf course on a site belonging to the Den Treek Estate. Henschoten. The landowner of the site in question supported the Foundation's plans. As is often the case with plans for a new golf course, it took years before the first spade could be put into the ground because the handling of all kinds of objections took a long time.

In the meantime, the Golf Foundation in Leusden did not sit still and gauged the interest in the golf course. At an information evening in 1984, more than 900 applicants applied for golf membership. When the declaration of no objection from the Provincial Executive of the province of Utrecht was granted, Golfclub De Hoge Kleij was established shortly afterwards.


The design of the golf course was entrusted to the English golf course architect of Dutch descent Frank Pennink. Unfortunately he passed away in 1984 and he never got to see the result of 'his' job. Donald Steel took over the position of golf course architect. In his presence, on February 25, 1985, the first pile was driven into the ground to lay out the eighteen holes.

Almost a year and a half later, on June 28, 1986, the opening game was played. There was a massive participation. In 1987, after the completion of the new clubhouse, the course was officially opened. HRH Prince Claus hit a golden ball from the terrace to the green of the then ninth hole, officially opening the golf course.

The track renovation

Golf course De Hoge Kleij belonged to one of the most beautiful forest courses in the Netherlands from the start. Still, after more than twenty years, there was a need for a critical look to see whether the course still met the requirements of the modern golfer. Course architect Frank Pont, advised extensive adjustment and rerouting of the holes. In a period of three years, all holes were 'renovated'. The rerouting of the holes was the final piece, with hole 18 finally ending at the terrace of the clubhouse.

In June 2012, the renovated runway was officially inaugurated. The first ball was hit by the golfer, golfer and youth golfers of the year.


Extract from Golf Club Website.



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