Mill Creek Country Club

Russia, St Petersburg
6 (1)
Course Opened: 2018

Designer Ross McMurray described the Mill Creek golf course in Russia in an article for the Golf Course Architecture magazine.

His commentary included the following:

Located about forty-five minutes drive to the east of St Petersburg, Russia, Mill Creek Golf Club is a new development which opened its doors for play this autumn. Designed by European Golf Design, the 7,200 yard par 72 course forms the central core of a large new multi-use residential development and features extensive practice facilities and a three-hole academy course. But the truly exciting aspect of Mill Creek is that the golf course offers much more than just eighteen holes, for it also provides other playing possibilities featuring multiple eighteen-hole and nine-hole layouts influenced by cross-country golf.

This innovative concept, which is protected by a patent of invention, is the brainchild of Mill Creek’s owner, Sergey Borisov, who has christened it ‘Kaleidoscope Golf’.

Surrounded by forest, the 280 hectare property is flat and open with a high water table within a metre or so of ground level. The site’s great advantage is its deep, sandy soils. As part of the development 50 hectares of lakes were planned for visual amenity and water based leisure facilities. This provided millions of tonnes of sand, necessary to raise the golf course above the water table as well as influencing the style of the golf course.

The intention of the shaping was to transform the flat, expansive nature of the site into a visually interesting golf course with rugged features where each hole is framed by dramatic landform or water. Wide fairways featuring many bumps, ridges and hollows run between fescue covered hillocks, while bunkers are grass faced and relatively deep, a necessity with the locally windy conditions to prevent wind blow of sand.  The greens are generally large with a combination of subtle and occasionally more dramatic movement and there are plenty of run-off areas. With several large lakes it is no surprise that water is a strategic threat at several points around the course and especially over the last four holes.

The objective has been to take elements of seaside golf and combine them with more modern design influences to create a golf course which has its own distinct character and one that is certainly unique for Russia.



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