St Andrews Bay Resort - Torrance Course

Scotland, East Coast, Fife Region, St Andrews
4.8 (6)
Designer: Sam Torrance
Course Opened: 2002

It's interesting to consider the lack of critical success at this resort, given uninterrupted golf on a pleasant upland property overlooking St Andrews Bay is precisely the sort of golf experience that many visitors to Scotland are looking for.

The golf centric masterplan at St Andrews Bay really should have contrasted nicely against the old, quirky links and been a popular stop-off for those visiting from overseas. Sadly, the resort has enjoyed limited acclaim, chiefly because the design of its courses lack the necessary polish to excite or interest those with a discerning eye. Neither course is poor, but in a strong competitive market it takes more than wispy fescue roughs and revetted bunkers to attract green fee paying guests in Scotland.

The Devlin Course (formerly the Kittocks Course) probably shades the Torrance Course marginally, and although both do enjoy nice views of the Fife coastline there is very little across this 36-hole property to get overly excited by. The country club striped fairways, ponds, hazard arrangements and design styles all suggest that respecting the traditions and values of Scottish golf was of secondary concern to trying to appeal to visiting American golfers. Oddly, these are precisely the ingredients US golfers find back at home and, often, seek to avoid on a holiday.


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