Ullna Golf Club

Stockholm Golf Club - Stockholms Golfklubb

Sweden, Central Sweden, Stockholm
6 (4)
Designer: John Morrison
Course Opened: 1932

The Stockholm Golf Club was founded in 1904 closer to the centre of Stockholm, the members moving a few kilometres away to the suburbs during the 1930s when a parcel of land near a lake became available for their recreation. The land was ideal for good golf, but unfortunately local council later took some for roads expansion and today's layout is most noticeably hurt by how cramped its property has become. Adjacent tees, split fairways and safety nets are required here, and the course is also quite short. Thankfully it's still got some really fun holes, and the par of 69 is quite a challenge for most non-professionals. The short holes are especially good, and quite dramatic.

The round at Stockholm GC starts with a fine uphill hole that bends a little right and ends with an attractive green set atop a shelf. The right bending 3rd played over a knoll and then to a well guarded green fronted by a diagonal line of traps is also very good, as is the uphill par four 11th, with its dramatic fallaway to the right and pretty target area. Also the cross-rise approach into the 13th green is tremendous fun, although the hole itself is a touch steep.

A private and exclusive establishment with a nice history, the Stockholm golf course is well kept, charming and fun to play - unfortunately it's become cramped over the years and the present track is let down by the fact you can safely play from adjacent fairways on at least a half dozen holes.


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