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Kissing Tree Golf Club

USA, Texas, Austin
Designer: Gary Stephenson
Course Opened: 2018

The Kissing Tree Golf Course is the first new, semi-private 18-hole golf course to be built in Texas in the past five years. Nationally-recognized golf course architect and local Texan, Gary Stephenson, designed the course, incorporating the natural character of the land’s footprint and the Hill Country backdrop to create a one-of-a-kind experience for golfers.

The course serves as an extension of the natural landscape, blending grades on the edges, brining the slopes and contours of the landscape into fairways. Each hole provides an avenue of play with varied angles that allow golfers of any skill level to enjoy the game and feel challenged.

The Kissing Tree Golf Course is part of the Audubon International program which preserves and highlights the native environment. With that in mind, Stephenson designed the course to be very gentle in shape, allowing it to fit seamlessly into the natural landscape.

In addition to 18 holes, the Kissing Tree Golf Course offers a long- and short-game practice facility, along with an 18-hole putting course.

From the golf club website.


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