FLC Ha Long Bay

BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort

Vietnam, Hanoi
5 (2)
Designer: Jack Nicklaus Jr
Course Opened: 2015

BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort, an 18-hole layout located in Phu Linh, Soc Son, Hanoi opened in 2015 to become Nicklaus Design’s first golf course in Vietnam.

BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is also the first golf course in Vietnam to adopt a unique “twin green” design concept, a first for Nicklaus Design not only in Vietnam but in Asia. The 36 different greens within one 18-hole golf course create an almost endless variety of hole combinations that can be matched to a golfer’s playing ability and/or provide guests a different golf experience with each round played.

The course is located in the foothills of a legendary property in the Soc Song District, adjacent to the Soc Temple, which was made famous by Phu Dong Thien Vuong (the heaven-sent king of Phu Dong Village), better known as Thanh Giong (“Saint” Giong). As a mark of respect for one of the “Four Vietnamese Immortals,” the new golf course was named “Legend Hill.”

From the Nicklaus Design website.



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