5th, Bandon Dunes

Huntsman Springs

USA, Idaho
6 (6)
Designer: David McLay Kidd
Course Opened: 2009

In Volume 3 of The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses, Tom Doak published that.

“In an aggressive transformation of dead-flat land, David Kidd moved more than 4 million cubic yards of earth to create the wild contours of Huntsman Springs, and he did a remarkably good job keeping track of sight lines and playing angles on such a complicated project. Nearly all the holes have water in play as well as long grasses in the roughs, but the landing areas are quite wide if you choose your line of play well to carry certain bunkers and not take on others. The par-4 2nd recalls the 17th at Carnoustie, with a burn snaking across the landing area and here even wrapping around the green; the short par-4 3rd presents a different sort of challenge, as the intriguing carry over three fairway bunkers is a sucker play for many. The greens are large and complex – there is no better reminder of the need to tone down my own greens than to see another architect push the envelope a few times too many – but the course is full of strategy and the better golfer will be inspired to keep coming back to learn its nuances.“

Huntsman Springs Golf Club received a score of 7 out of 10 from Tom Doak.


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