West Cliffs, Portugal
4 courses


Cynthia Dye is an American landscape architect who has established herself as a golf designer in Asia and Europe, partly on the back of work produced by her famous uncle Pete Dye. The quality of the courses created by DYE Designs Group is certainly not to the same high standard as that produced by Pete Dye, but that doesn’t prevent the company from marketing the fact that their principal architect is the niece of America's most celebrated modern designer.

DYE Designs Group has been especially successful attracting new business across the Asian region. The D.Y.E nines redesigned by the group at CTS Tycoon Golf Club in Shenzhen are quite poor, and indicate a lack of an understanding required to create proper, strategic, challenging golf holes. What the company did at Tycoon was move lots of earth around, build hundreds of bunkers, hundreds of mounds and make everything look difficult and over-the-top. In reality, however, the course is a brute for beginners but a snack for experienced players, who may not shoot low numbers on the course but will rarely need to make difficult decisions or be challenged to take undue risks.

Unfortunately a famous surname does not guarantee clients a quality golf course, although more recent work by Cynthia Dye, such as West Cliffs in Portugal, has been generally well received.

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