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Jim Engh is a successful American architect whose courses seem to strike a particular chord with the Golf Digest magazine ranking panel, who have ranked several very favourably. Engh’s design work tends to be noted for its innovative concepts and bold, left field shaping. Less concerned with building traditional or classical golf courses, it seems Engh is more interested in surprising the golfer by creating ‘out-there’ holes that are unlike others they may have seen and likely to confound through deception.

Although there a serious concerns with his ability to design strategic holes, Jim Engh clearly knows how to construct golf courses and his eye-catching work is sure to impress a key golfing demographic. The Club at Black Rock is one Engh creation to have made the Golf Digest Top 100 ranking list, along with The Sanctuary (Colorado) and Tullymore (Michigan), which also feature on the Top 100 but are equally over-shaped and unworthy of the acclaim.

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