Cape Wickham
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A native of Michigan and passionate disciple of Dr Alister MacKenzie, Mike DeVries is one of those rare modern course architects who not only understands the principals of strategic design but is also able to personally shape the features that make golf courses appealing. His ability to work with natural ground contours enables him to produce original layouts on good sites that are sustainable, attractive and fun to play.

The Kingsley Club in his home state of Michigan was DeVries’ first significant solo creation, the layout resembling his beloved Crystal Downs for the manner in which the opening nine covers the open dunes, and the back nine rollicks across more heavily wooded slopes. The top few holes at Kingsley are excellent, as are some of the greens and bunker shaping work.

Also in Michigan and by DeVries are Greywalls at Marquette, The Mines and Pilgrim’s Run. Greywalls was a difficult project on steep rocky ground, but is a fine semi-private facility that gets high marks for being both an inexpensive build and a course that carries genuine strategic interest. Pilgrim’s Run was only finished by DeVries, and would have been a better golf course had the client allowed him more design control and to also have a hand in the routing.

His most notable project is Cape Wickham Links in Tasmania, designed in collaboration with Darius Oliver.

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