Pezula, South Africa
14 courses


The Golf Plan team of Ronald Fream, David Dale and Kevin Ramsey are one of the most prolific in world golf, with more than 200 courses built across all corners of the globe. Over a long period of time they have demonstrated an ability to build good looking, lush golf courses that appeal, in particular, to a modern resort market. Their work is very popular in unsophisticated regions like Asia. Serious golfers from Britain, Europe, Australia or North America might be less impressed with the bulk of their courses, but the local golf media in places like Asia and Africa have generally heaped praise on their work. They remain very much in demand in such regions.

The best known Golf Plan course is probably The Club at Nine Bridges, which is very good, while another of note is the spectacular Pezula course in South Africa, which is hamstrung a little by housing.

Ronald Fream appears to have stepped back from his design work in recent years and left GolfPlan in the hands of partners David Dale and Kevin Ramsey. This firm would certainly be an appropriate design choice for some golf development projects. To be sure of their suitability for your specific needs, however, first contact Global Golf Group.