Rosapenna Resort, Sandy Hills

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‘This is a course I want to be identified with, one I will be able to say with pride - I did that one.' Greg Norman

Stretching along a curving beachfront ridge at Doughmore Bay in the tiny ...

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‘I am thrilled with the way the dramatic Belmullet Course has turned out and again reiterate my first opinion that ultimately there will be no better links in the country, or, I doubt, anywhere’ Ed...

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'Lahinch will make the finest and most popular course that I, or I believe anyone else, ever constructed’ Dr Alister MacKenzie. 

A links of unparalleled originality, the Lahinch Golf Club was...

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Located near the historic town of Drogheda and founded in 1892, the County Louth Golf Club is the home of the famous Baltray links, created by architect Tom Simpson in 1938. Simpson's course has be...

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