Lubker Resort, Denmark
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Bruce Charlton is the President and Chief Design Officer of Robert Trent Jones II, and a former President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. Regarded as the brains behind the current RTJ II set-up, he is the man that released the rather transparent Green Proclamation a couple of years ago. Charlton clearly recognized a movement away from excess and toward sustainable golf, and while environmental design is a worthwhile cause one needs to judge the company more by its work than its words.

Although Charlton is a talented designer, new clients who engage this company are essentially hiring a pure ‘signature’ firm with their allocated design 'associate' aiming to create a look and feel that fits consistently with the company’s profile.

Bruce Charlton has certainly been an asset for the RTJ II business, and as the head of one of the game’s largest and most prolific signature firms he is an influential person in golf.

For an independent appraisal of Charlton's work, the Robert Trent Jones II business or for general design advice please contact Global Golf Group.