Erin Hills, Photo Paul Hundley
18 courses


For many years Dr. Michael Hurdzan was principal of the successful Hurdzan Fry Environmental Golf Course Design team. In mid 2012 that team was disbanded, and Hurdzan joined forces with his son Christopher to form Hurdzan & Son, Inc, which will presumably focus more on the North American market than previous partner Dana Fry.

Dr. Hurdzan is a well-read and passionate course architect, with a history of innovation when it comes to new design concepts. Unlike some of his contemporaries, who have now found it advantageous to turn green and act environmental, Hurdzan has always espoused the virtues of sustainable design and is one of the pioneers of environmental development as it relates to golf courses. Throughout an extensive career he has continued to push the innovation envelope, and though not all Hurdzan Fry, or Hurdzan alone, courses work as well as the designers would have liked, they are usually interesting and attractive.

Hurdzan also owns a quite stunning collection of golf antiquities and memorabilia.

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