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After winning six majors and establishing himself as a respected commentator, Sir Nick Faldo turned his attention to golf design, initially working under the umbrella of the IMG Golf Course Design Services and European Golf Design businesses. Thankfully the results of the earliest Faldo courses were so poor that Faldo decided that to leave a proper lasting legacy he would need to establish his own design business. The Asian courses were particularly disappointing, and due to the logistics and issues involved in construction in the region he, at one time, partnered with the Australian firm Cashmore Design to work on local projects.

Despite the problems with the earliest Faldo courses, this company has done a great job to establish itself as one of the more prominent design firms in the game at the moment, with a number of exciting projects across the globe. Completed layouts like the Sporting Club of Berlin, Laguna Lang in Vietnam, the Wilderness Club in Montana and Faldo Course at Mission Hills are decent efforts, but we should expect that the best of Faldo Design is still to come.

As Faldo Design grows the major issue for prospective clients to consider will be to ensure that the various associates doing the actual design work are talented enough to meet their objectives.

The suitability of the Faldo brand for your project depends on many factors that should be fully discussed with Global Golf Group. There are clear marketing advantages with the Faldo name, but as always with ‘signature’ design you need to be aware of issues that are certain to arise and affect the quality of your golf course.

For an independent appraisal of Sir Nick Faldo’s work or for general design advice please contact Global Golf Group.